Located in Bogor, Indonesia. PT. Astika Sambo Hair International (Sambo) is a renowned Human hair product manufacturer that has been delivering the highest quality hair product to many top hair brands in Europe, the United States, and parts of Asia for more than 20 years.

   Focused on Product Perfection, Sambo developed many quality control processes and has trained many hair specialists to keep the quality of the hair to the highest level in the industry.

   Moreover, by continuous innovation and investment on new methods and technology, Sambo has brought many innovative products to meet the market demand for a better hair product. With quality and innovation, we will continuously bring the best customer experience in the hair industry.

Our History

1991.  Founded Sambo on August 17
1996.  Moved factory to current location
2011.  First launch of MAGO® in Milan, Italy

Our Logo & Mission

   Sambo means ‘Three Treasures’, Sam(Three) + Bo(Treasures). The logo of Sambo represents the ‘three treasures’ that we believe are most important to our company. Our Sambo family believes that with love, responsibility, and a vision for the future, we can achieve a successful and bright future. Sambo hopes that everyone who works for Sambo and anyone who works with Sambo can learn to cherish and believe in these three treasures and use them to create brighter paths for the future.

- CEO S.Junlee