High-end Wefts, Outstanding Quality

Machine-made Weft

With our 20 years of experience and research in the hair industry and particularly trained and skilled workers, we were able to create the highest quality machine-made weft hair extensions. Our machine-made weft hairs are specially made so that they are stronger than many other machine-made weft hairs in the market.

We use the most advanced sewing machines when producing our weft to lower the risk of hairs or the extensions falling out. We also seal the ends of our wefts tightly so that it will not unravel even when it is cut. Therefore, clients can use our machine-made weft hairs for a long time without the risk of them shedding or tangling.

While maintaining its strength and durability, our machine-made weft hairs are still very natural and flexible because we use 100% Indian Remy Human hair and use a special coloring process to maintain the finest quality.

Our Machine-made Weft Hairs are produced in 100% Indian Remy Human hair.

Our Machine-made Weft Hairs are available in: 12″ (30cm) / 14″(35cm) / 16″(40cm) / 18″(45cm) lengths.

Our Machine-made Weft Hairs can be produced in all widths, colors and textures.