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Tape Weft Hair (Single-Pressed)

With our 20 years of experience and research in the hair industry and particularly trained and skilled workers, we were able to create the highest quality tape weft hair extensions. Our tape weft hair is specially made so that it is much thinner and can attach to the hair more comfortably than many other tape weft hairs in the market. 

We use our special-made polyurethane base when pressing the skin to create the weft. The key to our unique process is that we know how to make the hairs secured onto the skin even when the skin we specially produce is thinner than a sewing needle’s eye. Our tape weft hair can withhold enough strength so that the hairs do not fall out yet stay comfortable and flat onto the scalp. Clients will hardly be able to feel that they have extensions on their hair. 

We also use high quality tape bonds made with extra glutinosity to reduce the risk of hairs or the extensions falling out. The extra glutinosity on our special tape will help the extension to stick firmly onto the human hair and last longer. Even when the extension is removed, the tape will not leave any residue, and the hair will remain soft and unsticky. Therefore, clients can easily use the the tape weft hairs for a long time without the risk of them falling off or the damage of their natural hairs. We also make sure that it allows easy to wear and remove methods and that it lays comfortably and flat on the scalp. 

Although our tape weft hair is very thin and uses a ultra thin coat of tape, it still maintains its strength, while feeling lightweight onto the head. Our tape weft hair also feels very natural because we use 100% Indian Remy Human hair and use a special coloring process to maintain the finest quality. 

Our tape weft hairs are produced in 100% Indian Remy Human hair.

Our tape weft hairs are available in: 12″ (30cm) / 14″(35cm) / 16″(40cm) / 18″(45cm) / 20″(50cm) lengths. 

Our tape weft hairs can be produced in all widths, colors, and textures.